Urdu Language

  • Course Detail
  • Who can enroll?
  • Course duration and method of teaching:
  • Course Overview & Content
  • Learn Urdu language from scratch through scholars of Indian Subcontinent with a proper understanding of words and pronunciation. This course will help you to read Urdu articles and books related to any field with proper knowledge and understanding of Urdu without any confusion.
  • Urdu language is one of the most commonly used languages among Muslims throughout the world in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, UK, Africa and so on.

Only Teenagers and Adults can enroll in this course.

  • Duration of this course is between 3-6 months depending on the performance of the student.
  • There will be One-to-One Online live sessions of 30 minutes each.
  • Basics of Urdu
  • Advance of Urdu
  • Grammar
  • Phrases
  • Sentences
  • Communication and reading
  • Interaction and understanding.
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