The Best Quran Institute focuses on teaching students with the best possible ways starting from the proper use of technology to the excel of implementing the knowledge earned through the expertise of our well-knowledgeble scholars/tutors.
Here are some frequently asked questions that you may also have:

General FAQs

Q.) How can I start learning on Best Quran Institute?
A.) You need to sign up on Best Quran Institute and Enroll yourself by clicking 'Join Today' button of our Home Page. You can select your subscription based on our plans and courses.

Q.) How can I enroll?
A.) It's very easy to enroll yourself on Best Quran Institute. You can either go for Free trial option or Register yourself by clicking on 'Join today' button as mentioned above. Then you can go for your desired course and subscription by referring the 'Courses' and 'Fee and Plans' menu on our home page.

Q.) What is the duration of each class?
A.) You may get to know the duration of your each class based on your selected course by referring the Subscription plan that you would go for.

Q.) Do you offer free trial?
A.) Yes, we offer free trial sessions for 3 days to everyone who wants to apply.

Q.) What is the general age to start lessons with Best Quran Institute?A.) Generally, we found that starting from the age of 7, there are rarely any issues with teaching online.  For smaller ages, a guardian might need to accompany the student during the lessons for first few sessions to provide support until the student gets used to his/her teacher.

Q.) Do you have both male and female teachers?
A.) Yes, we have both male and female teachers. Each gender is assigned to the same respective gender. However, small kids may have either male or female teachers based on the preferences of both parents and our tutors.

Payment/Fees/Cancellation FAQs

General FAQs

Q.) What payment methods do you accept?
A.) You can pay securely using any of the following payment options including Visa Cards, Master Cards, NAPS and PayPal.

Q.) Is it safe to pay Best Quran Institute online?
A.) We accept payment through above mentioned payment methods as they are very secured.

Q.) How much do I have to pay? Do you offer installments?
A.) You can check the fees of your selected Subscription plan after selecting your desired course by clicking on 'Fee and Plan details' option in 'Fee and Plans' menu of our Home page. Currently, we're not offering payment in installments. You can still email us and we will try to assist you.

Q.) What if I want to cancel my payment? Will I get a refund?
A.). You can cancel your payment at any time and the payment will stop. If you've already paid and wish to get a refund, we'll surely refund your money back.

Q.) Can I get any Discount?
A.) We offer discounts based on different factors. You can check our Fee and Plans Details option under 'Fee and Plans' option.

Q.) I can't afford your fee. Will you still teach me?
A.) If you can't afford our fee, we also provide free subscription. This subscription has group sessions of 3-5 students who can't afford any of the paid subscription. For more details, you can refer our 'Fee and Plans' menu

Q.) What is your Refund Policy?
A.) You can click on Refund Policy option in 'Fee and Plans' menu to get to know about the Refund Policy.