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Learn the Makhraj of Arabic words, Read the Naazra Quran with Tajweed, The emphasis will be on Quran reading with Tajweed.


Quran Memorization [Hifz]

6 days per week classes Pre-requisite: Quran reading with Tajweed Quran Naazra should be very good

Quran Translation

Quran Translation in English/Urdu

Learn the basic foramtion of arabic words Learn the arabic grammar Learn to translate the Surah word by word

Arabic Learning

Arabic Learning

Learn the Arabic alphabets, Learn how to write the arabic words, Making small sentences in arabic

Nazra And Qirat

Nazra and Qirat

Learn to read the Quran with Tajweed and Tarteel, Nazra and Qirat is basically Quran recitation with proper rules and rythm.

Short term courses for kids