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About Us


Best Quran Institute  message is “the holy Quran for self not for shelf”. Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy) is the Islamic institute for those who want to learn the holy Quran and Islamic knowledge at the comfort of their home. Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy), under the guidance of skilful administrators and faculty members, students of all ages have equal opportunity to seek the knowledge of Islam and Quran. Our aim is to provide quality Quranic and Islamic education online. Our main focus is on reciting the holy Quran with Tajweed rules because it is necessary for reverence and submission in Salah and our routine life while reading the holy Quran. We also consider it very important that every individual should have basic Knowledge of Islam.

Quality Education for Elders


Best Quran Institute  Online Quran Academy is the home of online Islam and Quran learning. Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy) has specially designed courses for elders. If you think that you have become overage to learn the holy Quran or you do not have time to learn the holy Quran. Brothers and Sisters! If you have strong desire to learn the holy Quran than you are not bound with age or time factor, just make strong prayer from Allah, He will definitely make hidden paths for you and give you the strength to learn the holy Quran.

Quality Education for Children/Kids


Best Quran Institute  Online Quran Academy, our qualified teachers guide children through a lifelong journey to learning the holy Quran and Islam. Our aim is to provide child, all kind of resources and inspiration he/she needs to learn the holy Quran and Islam efficiently. Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy) realized that every child’s needs are unique, Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy) have pulled together the largest collection of learning materials and information from experts, including lessons, activities for learners and video lessons for his/her help when he/she is of the class.

About Faculty


Only a reliable, well educated, sharing, encouraging, honest, co-operative, inspiring and caring teacher can give rise to student’s confidence, so that he/she can enjoy studies. Our teachers are well educated and experienced in their respective field of studies. We have selected those teachers, who had shown excellent results during their academic sessions.

What Services Do We offer?


Best Quran Institute  is the Online Quran teaching academy for everyone out there who want to learn the Quran but can’t find a reliable teacher for it. Best Quran Institute  developed  recently  by the year 2020 as a form of an online lesson of Quran for teaching and spreading the knowledge of the Quran among Muslims. This online lesson of learning Quran has become the leading online Islamic Canter for those who actually and sincerely want to get themselves involved in the Holy education of Quran. We, as an online Islamic academy, always prefer to collect Quran teacher with their qualification and way of teaching. You will surely get the best Quran teacher online through our platform.

However, in our services, we offer these factors include:

  1. We provide distant online courses services for the people to make learning Quran easier for them.
  2. These are free online courses which further help you to learn the Quran with a better understanding that will stay forever in your mind.
  3. We also give you the best education method system in which you will get both of the conventional and as well as modern methods of Quran lesson.
  4. We have managed to provide you with the best and convenient online classes along with unique learning tools that will help you in teaching every course.
  5. Quran online learning is the basic needs of every Muslims in the world, that’s why we focus to offer our brothers/sisters with the most innovative facilities of the Quran recitation online by which they can avail the best learning practice.
  6. We also teach you the possibilities of Quran with Tajweed.
  7. Muslims can able to learn the Quran Tajweed rules so that they can become professionals while sitting at their place.
  8. We know the importance of learning Quran Tajweed with proper following the rules, that’s why we only hire quality teachers in our online academy.
  9. We also provide you with the learning practice of Quranic Tajweed services to all the students out there who might be living in some foreign places like USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc. following the guidance of strongly qualified and capable Quran tutor.

our valuable core team



Chief Editor

Nasrullah   is the Chief Editor of Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy). He has the vision of spreading Islamic knowledge throughout the world virtually, to fulfill his dream, he made a concrete effort to set up Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy). The success of Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy) is totally dependent upon initiative and dedication.


Muhammad Nasr


Muhammad Nasr is experienced Manger of Best Quran Institute  (Online Quran Academy). He binds everyone with the Quran academy unit to spread the sense of belonging. He is an exceptional example of determination and endurance with an ever-optimistic outlook towards life.


Muhammad Sabir


Muhammad Sabir believes every child has the potential to be anything he or she wants to be. He is always positive, and encourage student to try his/her best and never give up, and instilled lifelong values in his students. He highly values the importance of parent and teacher communication and encourages families to take an active part in their child’s learning.



We just pray from Allah that every Muslim should have proper knowledge of Islam and The Holy Quran. We are trying our very best to provide Quality Quranic knowledge throughout the World.